YouTube: The Center Of All Attraction At The Moment. Should You Invest?

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Many digital buyers and strategists are pulling their hairs apart to maneuver their brands through these trying times. One platform is emerging as a promising place for their Ad revenues.

The popular video sharing platform owned byGoogle, our very own YouTube has been showing some promising trends during recent weeks.

First of all, let us address the CPM trend. For those who are not familiar, CPM is a standardized metric for assessing media costs, it stands for “cost per 1000 ad impression”. It had been forecasted previously that CPM costs will drop as a direct result of brands and advertisers pulling the plug on their ad campaigns and businesses shutting down because of the implementation of quarantine lockdown by various governments across the world. Until and unless consumer confidence is restored we can not expect things to normalize soon.

There’s another group of experts who are hinting at something else as the reason behind this. A sudden spike in content consumption is providing more ad revenues than usual.

With most users stuck at their home and on their once loved now despised couch, the amount of time spent online and specifically on YouTube has increased exponentially. YouTube is a go-to entertainment platform for binging on videos of myriad categories and thus it provides an endless supply of content for average users. Thus people are spending more time on the platform and more and more videos are being watched thus increasing the overall opportunity of showing ads.

There’s another avenue opening up onYouTube as well. Since most of the big-budget studio productions are now out of action, Independent creators and Solo content specialists are grabbing the opportunity and cashing out on higher subscription and viewer rates.

Creators who are still able to cater to their subscribers in the midst of this nimble situation are the ones who are capitalizing on the shifting search trends. They can be more agile, adaptive and fluid and can better respond to the shifting demands of their viewers.

The ‘Davids have an opportunity to take a chunk out of the Goliaths’ share. Studio creators cannot do anything to keep their audience captive and prevent them from searching for other creators out there. Since people now gave more time to expend nobody can prevent this from happening.

To conclude, businesses are still skeptical about spending their ad revenue at this moment even though they are aware that users are more likely to get exposed to their ads now more than ever. We have to understand that they have to in fact we all have to deal with an unknown timeline. So it is advisable that businesses must balance between their offerings and their efforts to grab the consumers’ eye also keeping in mind the fact that they need to be extra cautious in order to pull through any future turmoil that are yet to come.

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