Enhanced robots.txt Testing Tool Announced by Bing

bing - robots.txt

Bing’s enhanced robot.txt tester has new features that improve the testing and diagnosing. Robots.txt is an essential file and producing a perfect one is a top priority for SEO.

The tool bridges an important gap as getting this wrong can create unpredictable SEO outcomes. A robots.txt file is a file that tells search engine crawlers what to do and not do on a website. A robots.txt file is one of the few ways a publisher can exercise control over search engines.

Errors in the robots.txt file can result in search engines crawling pages that were not meant for indexing. Without a search crawler block, your site will generate 404 error log notation in a random manner. Wrong entries in this file may result in diminishing the ranking of your web pages because they might have got blocked and you don’t have the slightest knowledge about the reason behind it. 

With the introduction of Bing’s new tool, publishers can now review and test their robots.txt file in a much more efficient way. 

Following are the actions that Bing’s new robots.txt tool takes to provide valuable information:

  1. Analyze robots.txt
  2. Identify problems
  3. Guides publishers through the fetch and uploading process.
  4. Checks allow/disallow statements

Read More about the official announcement here: https://blogs.bing.com/webmaster/september-2020/Bing-Webmaster-Tools-makes-it-easy-to-edit-and-verify-your-robots-txt/

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