Does Your Business Need PPC?

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In this blog, we will try to define what PPC is and then touch on the important points as to why your business needs PPC irrespective of the industry or niche it belongs to. Chances are that you already know what PPC is but still we will get that out of the way to get rid of any confusion.

SO, what is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising. No brownie points if you have guessed it already. It is a standard marketing model in which every time an ad is clicked the advertiser has to pay a certain amount. It is a shortcut to getting more website visits. Instead of working towards it organically by earning the visits, you are basically buying visits.

Say, you set up a PPC campaign for the keyword ‘latest footwear’ or maybe ‘trending’ or ‘trendy footwear’. Now each time a user places a search query for these words your Ad is highly likely to show up (depending on the bid you placed). We will assume that it does and for each click, the search engine will charge you $5. This might seem high at first but say one $5 visit resulted in a $500 sale. The profit margin is high and the return on investment is off the charts, right?

The formula for a fantastic PPC campaign comes from years of experience and experimenting. Focus on the following points to come up with a successful PPC advertising campaign:

  • The relevance of Keyword – Having the right set of keywords list, keyword groups that are related to your niche, and compelling ad copies is the key.
  • Landing Page – This is the page where the viewer is redirected to after clicking the ad. So you know how important this is. Clear call-to-actions, query-specific content, and persuasive visuals are the few basic points that need to be considered for creating a successful landing page.
  • Creativity – Both the creative and the ad copy for your PPC campaign is crucial. Coming up with the right balance of both that churns out clicks is essential for the success of your campaign.

How can PPC marketing help your business?

The most important role of PPC marketing is it guarantees your company’s appearance at the top of the results page. SEO can help you to reach the top spot organically but it is a time taking method. PPC ensures instant results.

The sponsored ads are shown above organic results and this plays a vital role for mobile viewers. With the dearth of screen space, searchers are more likely to focus on the sponsored ads first.

Setting up a PPC campaign for seasoned veterans hardly takes an hour and if you have the funds required, PPC will ensure the best results for your investment.

PPC marketing is also popular because tracking results is much easier. You have the luxury to track every dollar spent on each ad set and keywords for each campaign. This allows you to determine your ROI in a much more accurate and efficient manner. Testing and experimenting with multiple campaigns also become much easier in this scenario.

PPC provides the ability to schedule your ads, set up location-specific ads, and the time for which these targeted ads will run. PPC also provides you access to each search engine’s affiliate network websites and products. PPC marketing can drive instant results for your business provided that you implement it properly.

If you have a small business and do not have the luxury to splurge on PPC marketing you can always opt for organic marketing. SEO and social media campaigns are the best organic marketing methods to drive results and they prove to be valuable assets for your business in the long run.

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