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Google Says It Is Okay To Use Keyword Heavy Titles

Google’s John Mueller clarified recently, that keyword-heavy titles and descriptions are a common practice, and it is not against webmaster guidelines. We have seen that many small and medium businesses overuse commercial keywords in their titles and descriptions. Though it does not look good aesthetically, we do see these pages rank highly in search results. […]

Relevance of Search Engine Tools in Terms of Ranking

Following rankings isn’t as obvious as it used to be any longer. So are ranking tools still helpful for SEO? Are rankings even important anymore?  This has been a seething discussion among people for decades. As the significant web indexes started giving outcomes that fluctuated dependent on what your identity is, SEO experts have contemplated […]

Functional SEO Tips for Ecommerce Business

An e-commerce website is like an online virtual store and just like its brick and mortar counterpart, it needs to attract customers in order to be successful. While brick and mortar stores have a con that they are rigid and cannot be moved once placed. An e-commerce store has the power to shift placement whenever […]

Charges for Google Shopping Ads Will be Removed

Earlier this year due to the pandemic, Google rolled out free shopping ads in the US. Since April, Google shopping listings have been free in America. Google has plans to extend this benefit to more countries over the world. Soon retailers across Europe, Asia, and Latin America will be able to run free Google Shopping […]

Domain Names do not Need Keywords for Ranking

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller in his latest Ask Google Webmasters video revealed that there is no ranking benefit associated with having keywords in a domain name. Keyword based domain extensions also known as top level domains (TLDs) offer no ranking benefit according to John. This contradicts many studies and surveys which indicates that having […]

New Set of Attributes for Google My Business Listing

Google has rolled out new attributes for its My Business listings with options to help highlight health and safety measures. The aim is to help businesses highlight the measures they are taking to protect customers during the pandemic and this can make all the difference in choosing one business over another. The new attributes that […]

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